All screenings will take place at the

Texas Maritime Museum,

1202 Navigation Circle, Rockport, TX


Matinee Shorts

Christmas Break

Directed by Mailuki Films, Spain
Animation, 2 minutes
Early morning on Christmas day.

Mas Afuera: Expedition to Selkirk Island

Directed by Patricio Mekis & Mateo Barrenegroa , Chile
Documentary Short, 22 minutes
A group of athletes embark on a journey to Selkirk Island, located in the Juan Fernández archipelago, in order to explore its waves, culture, and endemic flora and fauna.

They Took Them Alive

Directed by Emily Pederson, USA Mexico
Documentary Short, 19 minutes
More than two years after 43 students disappeared from Ayotzinapa in Mexico, their loved ones still seek justice and closure.

Some Girl

Directed by Hector Zertuche, Texas
Fiction Short, 7 minutes
The appearance of a young girl challenges Charlie’s view of the world.


Directed by Jonathon Lawley, Canada
Fiction Short, 10 minutes
Tao, a miserable man who has had enough of his wife’s complaining and his new born baby’s crying, escapes reality on a hot August night. While playing with his phone, he comes up with a creative way to make a unique friend.


Directed by Pierre Van de Kerckhove, Belgium
Fiction Short, 15 minutes
Louise is suffering from Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home. The arrival of a new patient in the home, who is also suffering from Alzheimer’s, will upset Louise’s life … but also that of her son, Daniel.

@ 1202 Navigation, Rockport, TX

FreeAdmission, donations appreciated


The Call

Directed by Colton Constanzo, Texas
Student Film, 12 minutes
After witnessing a suicide, Julia, a rookie firefighter, blames herself. But she soon realizes that her personal concerns don’t matter when lives are at stake.

Coles Manor

Directed by Cordelaine Kline& Michole Abshire, Texas
Documentary Short, 20 minutes
Today Nichole opens up to her mom about traumatic event from their past. But the truth she learns will reshape her identity.

Matinee Feature: Problem Solver

Directed by Maximillian Damm, Ireland & Germany
Documentary, 37 minutes

Will St. Leger is an Irish artist and activist. And he suffers from depression. Now he wants to relieve society from their troubles and worries.

@ 1202 Navigation, Rockport, TX

FreeAdmission, donations appreciated

4:00pm- 6:00pm

Reception at Wind Way Gallery


@ 203 S Austin, Rockport, TX
Free to the Public

7 pm

 Texas Cotton

Directed by Tyler Russell, TX
Fiction Shorts, 10 minutes
A Texas Sheriff finds nothing is simple deep in the heart of the Hill Country.

Evening Feature: Buckshot

Directed by Joshua Smith, USA
Fiction Feature, 80 minutes

This dark comedy follows Charlie Stillman, a struggling country singer from New Jersey, who journeys to Nashville to follow in his late father’s footsteps of becoming a country star. But when his father’s checkered past derails his chances, his only job offer is to drive Buckshot Thomas, an aging, hard-living, honky tonk legend, cross-country to his final concert. Along the way, the two men forge a rare friendship, which could change both their lives forever.

@ 1202 Navigation, Rockport, TX

FreeAdmission, donations appreciated


Late Night Shorts

Tender Moments

Directed by Alberto Govela & Rob Neilson USA
Fiction Short, 14 minutes
A funny short film about sad people and the things we buy.

Girl Meets Roach

Directed by Christopher Zatta, USA
Fiction Short, 17 minutes
Dumped just before Christmas, a brokenhearted young woman forms an unlikely friendship…with a cockroach.


Directed by Marius Conrotto Diaz, Spain
Fiction Short, 6 minutes
Two strangers in the same bed. The best way to start a new relationship begins with the breakfast.

Little Potato

Directed by Wes Hurely & Nathan M. Miller, USA
Fiction Short, 13 minutes An autobiographical doc that tells the story of Little Potato’s journey growing up gay in the Soviet Union before and after the fall of communism, his mother’s struggles to create a better life for them both, and their eventual escape to America via her becoming a mail-order bride.


Directed by Jimmy Willden, TX
Fiction Short, 7 minutes
We can never fully understand the reasons behind others’ actions.

House of Lonesome Human Beings

Directed by Zheng Nie,USA
Student Film, 19 minutes
In a mysterious townhouse that only accommodates lonely souls, three single tenants with different painful pasts, form a curious codependency. Suddenly, one of them finds love, which causes quite a stir.

The News Today

Directed by Lisa Donato, TX
Fiction Short, 12 minutes
The familiar and mundane moments between two guys in love become precious in an instant.

10 Minutes

Directed by Mingi Kim, Korea/USA
Documentary Short, 4 minutes
A grandson has a phone call with his grandfather. Ten minutes later, the grandfather dies. The grandson decided to find out what happened during that 10 minutes.

Sweet Pie

Directed by Pierce Cravens, USA
Documentary Short, 10 minutes
A performer’s career is resurrected and re-inspired. His story is one of freedom, music, family and the personal triumph that can come out of loss and grief.

@ 1202 Navigation, Rockport, TX

FreeAdmission, donations appreciated


All screenings will take place at the

Texas Maritime Museum,

1202 Navigation Circle, Rockport, TX