Matinee Shorts

The Hydrogen Song

Directed by Brandon Ray, TX
Animation, 2 minutes
Hydrogen’s a gas… the lightest that there is. But it’s also a simple substance that can make an engine whiz!

Pronghorn Revival

Directed by Ben Masters, TX
Documentary Short, 7 minues
Texan Wildlife Biologists are fighting for the future of Pronghorn Antelope.


Directed by Tyrone Smith, USA
Student film, 10 minutes
A young, neglected boy sneaks out into the night in order to pay for a roll of bubble gum tape that he was caught stealing earlier in the day.

Rabbit Blood

Directed by Yagmur Altan, Turkey
Animation, 5 minutes
Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea. (Rabbit friendly)

Milk, Man

Directed by Alex Alaniz, Produced by Edward Tyndall, TX
Student Film, 10 minutes
A young boy trying to win the heart of his elementary school sweetheart is continually plagued by the school bully until he decides to take action.

A Line in the Sand

Directed by Marianne Leviton, USA
Documentary Short, 29 minutes
When a multi-year drought leads to a wildfire of immense proportions, it is the deep love of their land that leads neighbors to put themselves at mortal risk to save each other and their town.


Directed by Liam Harris, UK
Animation, 10 minutes
A crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his submarine balanced precariously atop a mountain, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visiting seagull rocks his world.

@ Cinema 4, Rockport, TX

$10 Admission, free with VIP Pass or VIP GOLD


Matinee Feature: Rivering

Directed by Bill Parks, New Zealand
Documentary, 99 minutes

Filmed on the wild rivers of New Zealand, RIVERING is a very different kind of sports movie, focusing on the communities, the camaraderie, the characters, as well as the scenery and excitement that goes along with the sport of kayaking. With breathtaking scenery and exciting action, RIVERING is a film about passion for the outdoors that will resonate far beyond the paddling community.

@ Cinema 4, Rockport, TX
$10 Admission, free with VIP Pass or VIP GOLD

4:00pm- 6:00pm

Reception at Wind Way Gallery


@ 203 S Austin, Rockport, TX
Free to the Public


Evening Feature: Chicken People

Directed by Nicole Lucas Haimes, USA
Documentary, 83 minutes

In the world of competitive chicken breeding, the stakes are high and the contestants are plucky. CHICKEN PEOPLE follows three of the top breeders as they hatch and preen their birds in their quest to claim the title of Supreme Grand Champion.

@ Cinema 4, Rockport, TX
$10 Admission, free with VIP Pass or VIP GOLD


Late Night Shorts

Brooklyn 4ever

Directed by Jessie Brugger, USA
Animation, 5 minutes

An ode to a borough.

Putting the Dog to Sleep

Directed by Taylor Washington, Produced by Robert Ravenscroft, TX
Fiction Short, 12 minutes

A bereaved man copes with a burdensome past and realizes he is inextricably linked to it.

Food First

Directed by Pol Ponsarnau, Germany
Fiction Short, 12 minutes
Two couples in a stylish Berlin Tapas restaurant discuss watering plants.

The Usual Silence

Directed by Louis Hunter and Samuel Thomas, TX
Fiction Short, 5 minutes
An everyday Joe with his everyday problems happens upon a man experiencing true grief. Whether he can help or not, he won’t walk away unchanged.

Roadside Assistance

Directed by Bears Fonte, TX
Fiction Short, 7 minutes
A mysterious woman stranded by the side of the road hitches a ride with a passing stranger – neither of them is who they seem.

The Proposed

Directed by Mickey Casab, USA
Fiction Short, 10 minutes
A romantic picnic for two isn’t enough to save Peter, when his “special spot” turns out to be a popular destination for others with similar intentions.

100% Match

Directed by Shane Miosi
Student Film, 7 minutes
A couple must decide if they will continue their online matched relationship.

The In-Between Place

Directed by Jimmy Wilden, TX
Fiction Short, 10 minutes
After the death of his mother, Rene has trouble connecting with people – maybe through music, he can find a way to move forward.

Gus the Cat

Directed by Lisa Donato, TX
Fiction Short, 5 minutes
Gus thinks he can hide his identity from others. Unfortunately, people can see right through his mask.

@ Cinema 4, Rockport, TX
$10 Admission, free with VIP Pass or VIP GOLD