From the stranger halfway around the world, to the neighbor-kid down the street, we are all one-of-a-kind. These short films highlight the challenges and opportunity our differences can bring.

Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms

Animation | United Kingdom | Dir. Luca Paulli | 2 minutes
What would you do if you had a pill that gave you extendable arms?

Out of Options

Documentary Short | Texas | Dir. Todd Wiseman | 11 minutes
For Texans with severe epilepsy, a new treatment recently became legal: medical cannabis oil.

My Village Bells

Fiction Short | USA | Dir. Max Raimi | 15 minutes
A Jewish playwright is disturbed by the loss of culture in his community and struggles to combat that loss by staging a Yiddish play.

There You Are

Fiction Short | Texas | Dir. Lisa Donato | 12 minutes
A trans woman must dress like a boy to say goodbye to her dying grandmother

Big Elvis

Documentary Short | USA | Dir. Paul Stone | 11 minutes
960-pound Las Vegas Elvis impersonator Pete Vallee – a man with a voice and heart big enough to fill the legend’s Blue Suede Shoes – is absolutely convinced he is a love child of the sequined and rhinestone studded Hound Dog himself.

Garbo’s Eyes

Documentary Short | USA | Dir. Britta Uschkamp | 3 minutes
An actress sets off to discover Garbo and uncovers the deepest parts of the film icon.

Rebuilding in Miniature

Documentary Short | USA | Dir. Veena Rao | 7 minutes
Ali Alamedy, an Iraqi artist living in Turkey, creates detailed miniature scenes of places he has imagined but has never been.

Homeless: The Soundtrack

Documentary Short | USA | Dir. Taylor Brodsky | 26 minutes
Thirty years after being taken away from her parents by the state and given up for adoption, singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert went searching for her biological father.

The Busker

Student Film | Texas | Dir. Hunter Hudson | 6 minutes
A young busker tries to make it in the land of opportunity, yet is set back by the financial hardships of society