They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Memories and imagination are a series of images in our minds, tens of thousands words describing our innermost thoughts, hopes, fears. These short films capture the power and poetry of pictures, real and imagined.

Es Confuso

Documentary Short | USA & Cuba | Dir. Matthew Bernard | 5 minutes
Voices of Cuban writers set to video imagery of Habana, recorded in January 2017.

Goodbye Sirena

Short | Texas | Dir. Melissa Dalley | 7 minutes
It’s Molly’s last day, and her mom is having a hard time letting go.
Shot on location in Corpus Christi, post-Harvey, and dedicated to the invincible spirit of the people of the Texas gulf coast.

The First Dance

Student Film | Ireland | Dir. Daragh Goan | 12 minutes
Overwhelmed by the weight of wedding day expectations and faced with the rest of her new life, Annie’s anxiety takes over.

A Gold Coin on the Street

Documentary Short | USA | Dir. Taniel Kilajian | 11 minutes
The invisible relationship between a host and a listener of 89.5 KMFA, Austin’s non-profit classical music radio station.

Lucie’s Story

Student Film | Texas | Dir. Joy Boles | 5 minutes
The story of a mother of three who lost two adult daughters in one DWI-related crash.


Fiction Short | Texas | Dir. Jimmy Willden | 15 minutes

Under The Walnut Tree

Animation | USA | Dir. Leah Bedrosian Peterson | 6 minutes
A young boy, displaced during the massacre of his people, finds his mother singing under a walnut tree. Loosely based on the true story of Shahan Natalie, who survived the Hamidian Massacres, the precursor to the Armenian Genocide.

Skuggi (Shadow)

Documentary Short | Canada | Dir. Lavoie Richard D. | 28 minutes
900 passionate people full of expectations sail to the Faroe Islands, their desolate landscapes and their uncertain sky, to meet a rare and spectacular event: a total eclipse of the Sun .