The experimental, the paranormal, the slightly off — this film block is the celebration of all that. These short films challenge and expand the way we perceive the world.


Fiction Short | USA | Dir. Christa Boarini | 12 minutes
A fantastic discovery gets out of hand.

Ramona – This Too Shall Pass

Fiction Short | Texas | Dir. Rodrigo Moreno Fernandez | 20 minutes
A famous 80-year-old female model reveals in front of a camera her torturous past.


Fiction Short | USA | Dir. Mark Kerins, Elliot Mayen | 12 minutes
A young mother is forced to confront the echoes of a past she cannot escape.


Fiction Short | Texas | Dir. Bears Rebecca Fonte | 11 minutes
Mysteriously eight months pregnant overnight, Katie believes the Angels responsible, but her sister thinks differently.

Deer Damage (One Shot)

Fiction Short | Germany | Dir. Marcus Siebler | 12 minutes
While she’s on her way home from a drama rehearsal, a deer runs into Stephanie Zella-Mehli’s car.

Mother of a Sacred Lamb

Fiction Short | USA | Dir. Aman Johnson | 12 minutes
The sudden reappearance of a missing boy begins to unravel the fabric between a mother’s desperate hope and her most unthinkable fear.

Total Bliss

FIction Short | Texas | Dir. Tsvetalina Pourciau | 8 minutes
Love is a state of mind.

Liquid Soul

Fiction Short | Texas | Dir. Allen Phillips, Trampas Smith | 13 minutes
Huffing gasoline affords a lovesick trucker a delirious high, but consequently inspires both inner homilies and attempted homicides.

End of the World

Music Video | USA | Dir. Jeff Ashey | 5 minutes
Meet me at the end of the world.